David Milham Stonemason, 30+ years of expertise and craftsmanship working with stone...

The craft of Stonemasonry is has a history going back thousands of years to some of the very earliest forms of construction. The earliest masons carefully developed and passed on the mysteries of working in stone, building a culture of mastery that the best of the modern stonemasons still embody.  

From palaces to paving, walls to water features and everything in between, the art of building and crafting in stone to form durable and beautiful constructions has been a highly valued and appreciated skill. Modern stone craft utilising traditional masonry and the use of updated technologies and modern materials, now offers an endless selection of creative and powerful options to enhance or complete any building or landscape project.

David Milham has a lifetime of experience, a genuine craftsman, who has worked on every type of stone project, he has the traditional stone magic, the mastery and the experience to deliver outstanding results for all your stonemasonry needs. 

You can carve that in stone!